The Personal Rebrand: Decoding the Fragrance Habits of the UK

The Personal Rebrand: Decoding the Fragrance Habits of the UK

In today’s society we all look to express ourselves in different ways, fragrance is one factor that plays a significant role in shaping our identities and expressing our personalities. But how often do we change our fragrances and what factors influence our choices? To understand the role of scent in people’s lives, we surveyed the public to uncover their fragrance habits and preferences.

On average, Brits change their fragrance every 9 months

Our survey revealed that only 3% of people have never changed the fragrance they wear. Highlighting that fragrance is an important element of personal style, which we constantly change as we evolve to reflect our tastes and life experiences.


On average, Brits change their fragrance every 9.4 months, aligning with findings that 30% of people change the scent they wear seasonally, according to the changing weather.


Getting bored with the scent they wear is a common trigger for fragrance changes, with 39% of respondents citing this as a reason for switching. However, the most popular reason for fragrance changes was people simply wanting to try something new (57%). Other popular reasons for fragrance changes include personal preference (48%), special occasions (25%), and being recommended a new scent (14%). 


30% of people change their scent with the seasons

A third of survey participants revealed that they change their fragrances seasonally, adapting the scent they wear to the changing weather. This is often referred to as a fragrance wardrobe, where people change their scents as they would with their clothes as the seasons change.


This reflects an understanding of how our fragrance choices can complement the environment we are living in, with certain scents being associated more with different seasons.


In Spring and Summer seasons people are more likely to opt for uplifting notes of citrus, florals, and other tropical scents. As the weather cools down in Autumn and Winter, we gravitate towards warmer, richer perfume notes. Popular scents in these seasons are vanilla, amber, and other earthy aromas.


85% of people believe their fragrance is important to their personal identity

Our survey further revealed fragrance plays an important role in our personality and how we perceive ourselves, with 85% believing it's an integral part of their personal identity. This clearly shows how fragrance choices are not only about personal preferences but also self-expression and reflecting individuality.


Results found that many people have an emotional connection to fragrance, with  7 out of 10 Brits associating certain perfumes with specific times in their lives. Studies show that memories evoked by scent are more positive, and relevant to a person's life story than memories elicited by verbal or visual cues [1]. Further highlighting the importance of scent as a way of transporting us back to cherished memories and special moments.


Though memories associated with scents are often more positive, more than a third (67%) of people said they would avoid choosing a perfume if it reminded them of someone or something. This could both be because scent is seen as such a personal thing but also could remind them of a time they prefer to forget. 


65% of people say their perfume makes them feel confident


Our survey revealed that more than 6 in 10 (65%) people report feeling confident when wearing their signature scent, while 50% say the fragrance they wear makes them feel happy. These positive emotions further demonstrate the role fragrance plays in enhancing our self esteem and overall well being.


Other emotions noted include feeling sexy, sophisticated and relaxed, depending on the scent they choose to wear. 


Conclusion: The role of fragrance on personal identity


The survey findings revealed a clear link between fragrance and our identities, showing it is more than just a personal choice but also a huge part of our individuality, emotions, and experiences. 85% of people feel that their personal fragrance is an extension of themselves, creating a unique part of their identity.


The scents we wear can affect our memories and emotions as well as painting a story of who we are as a person. Taking us back to key moments in our life with as much as a sniff of a certain scent, or influencing how we feel, building confidence, happiness and relaxation.


At Thomson Carter we create more than just fragrance, our vision is to create memories and transform the way the wearer feels. Our unique scents promote individuality and allow our customers to express themselves. 



We surveyed 600 people in the UK using Pollfish, asking 8 questions:

  1. Have you ever changed the fragrance you wear?
  2. How often do you change the fragrance you wear?
  3. What are the main reasons for you changing your perfume?
  4. How long have you worn your current perfume for?
  5. Do you associate perfumes with certain times in your life?
  6. How important is fragrance to your personal identity?
  7. Would you avoid choosing a perfume if it reminded you of something/someone?
  8. How does the scent you wear make you feel?